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Volumen:    22    # Number : 2

Publication Date :    Mayo - Agosto    Year:    2018


Access to anticancer drugs. Health care system financing for sustainable innovation

Authors: Albarracin, F

Abstract: We have a fragmented health care system with no correlation between waste and health parameters. Besides there´s an adjusted budget that must be shared. The median launch price in new anticancer drugs over the time has increased more in each decade compared with median monthly household income affecting the economies. A lot of papers highlight a lack of proportion in prizes of new drugs and the benefits they offer in terms of cost-effectiveness ratios. Outside randomized clinical trials, in a “real world” patient population is even smaller. There’s no way to have a sustainable system when a lot proportion of health care system is unnecessary waste. Judicial judgements in certain situations where there’s no sufficient evidence of benefit is another threat. Health technology evaluation is needed as a bridge between the research world and the world of decision making, specially health policy decision making. That would be the tool to sustain and cushion the health system waste. New strategies in purchasing medicines, cost sharing proposals with the industry, and performant payments for cost/effective prescription to physicians will be all necessary to continue financing the oncology innovation.

Key words: oncology drugs access, sustainable innovation.

Pages : 169-178

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