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Revista Argentina de Hematología


Volumen:    22    # Number : 2

Publication Date :    Mayo - Agosto    Year:    2018


Bone marrow necrosis: report of two cases

Authors: Có A, Savlasky M, Finucci Curi B, Street E, Tamagnone N, Suligoy J, Sagardoy L, Eleonori M, Borra E, Chiesa, H

Abstract: Bone marrow necrosis (BMN) is a clinical pathological entity that presents with stromal necrosis with involvement of the three hematological series and consequent cytopenias. The causes that origin it are multiple, they can be benign although in their majority they are malignant. However, in some cases the etiology is not identified. Two situations are presented in the present work, a man and a woman, both smokers, who debuted with low back pain, in whom the BMN was diagnosed. In despite of having followed the steps recommended by the literature in order to rule out the possible causes, in none of the two patients we were able to arrive to an etiological diagnosis. Microbiological, immunological,imaging and anatomopathological studies were performed that were inconclusive. The presentation is interesting due to the low frequency of this pathology, as well as the difficulty in arriving at the causal diagnosis despite the studies carried out.

Key words: bone marrow necrosis, diseases, biopsy.

Pages : 197-205

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