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Revista Argentina de Hematología


Volumen:    22    # Number : 1

Publication Date :    Enero - Abril    Year:    2018


Hodgkin’s lymphoma (LH) relapse-refractory (R/R) in pediatrics and the need to design a treatment tailored to each patient

Authors: Veron DA

Abstract: Despite the advances made in the treatment of Hodgkin’s lymphoma in pediatrics, we know that a percentage of patients will behave as refractory to treatment or relapse in a variable time. However, in view of the changes that have occurred in recent years in first-line therapy and in the tools available for the rescue of these patients, this scenario deserves to be discussed and redefined.

Key words: pediatric Hodgkin lymphoma, refractory-relapsed pediatric Hodgkin lymphoma.

Pages : 86-94

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