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Revista Argentina de Hematología


Volumen:    22    # Number : 1

Publication Date :    Enero - Abril    Year:    2018


Visceral leishmaniasis and its link to lymphocytic clone expansion. A case ‑ reporte and a literatura review.

Authors: Marull M del C, Fernández CP, Stemberg ER, Bernard H

Abstract: We present the case of a 19-year-old male patient without prior medical conditions who referred a five-day history of asthenia, anorexia, weight loss, epistaxis and fever. Hepatosplenomegaly and pancytopenia were observed at clinical examination. A bone marrow aspiration was performed to rule out a lymphoproliferative syndrome versus systemic parasitosis: it showed the presence of macrophages with corpuscular parasitic elements that were suspicious of Leishmaniasis spp. In flow cytometry examination the presence of a monoclonal lymphocytes B expansion was observed. Discussion. Leishmaniasis stands for a group of diseases caused by a protozoon of the Leishmania gender, transmitted to the human being through the bite of Phlebotomus spp. Visceral leishmaniasis (VL) is the most severe presentation, even lethal without proper treatment. It has been associated not only with marked immunologic deregulation (allowing the lymphomagenesis), but also with antigenic persistent stimulation which can originate clonal expansion.

Key words: visceral leishmaniasis, clonality, immune deregulation.

Pages : 75-80

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