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Volumen:    22    # Number : 1

Publication Date :    Enero - Abril    Year:    2018


What yes or not do have thrombophilia and heparin studies added to recurrent abortions up to year 2017?

Authors: Grand B

Abstract: Recurrent miscarriage is a sad event for the couple and their family. Since the last 20 years there has been established an important division between science and daily life; women search for a causal etiology and thrombophilia is usually the first answer she receives. What the antiphospholipid syndrome taught us about the thrombotic mechanism of recurrent abortion was generalized and considering the presumed thrombotic pathophysiologic mechanism, the hypothesis of a beneficial effect of antithrombotic agents has arisen and women with either hereditary thrombophilia and/or no thrombophilia but with recurrent abortions are offered heparin therapy despite a low level of evidence. Since 2010 we are receiving information from registered and randomized trials, about the benefit of either studying or not hereditary thrombophilia and the role of heparin in these patients. The objectives of this paper are to make a comprehensive evaluation of the information up to date and to debate the unresolved issues.

Key words: recurrent abortions, thrombophilia, heparin.

Pages : 44-54

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