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Revista Argentina de Hematología


Volumen:    21    # Number : XXIII Congreso Argentino de Hematología

Publication Date :    Noviembre    Year:    2017


Is really there a place for hematology in recurrent miscarriage?

Authors: Lancuba S, Grand B, Branzini C, López M, Wolfenson G

Abstract: Recurrent miscarriage (RM) is defined as the loss of two or more clinical pregnancies - occurs between 1 to 5% of pregnancies. It increases with maternal age. There is a strong association between embryonic genetic disorders -known as aneuploidy- and fetal loss, with incidence over 80%. However, the frequency of thrombotic disorders, as an etiologic factor of RM has been overestimated, exposing patients to unnecessary diagnostic and therapeutic procedures disregarding scientific evidence given that antiphospholipid syndrome frequency is less than 6%. That is why this publication emphasizes the need to inform patients about the relevance of embryo aneuploidy as a leading cause for RM, assessing that risk with available genomic screening technology. Next generation sequencing and comparative genomic hybridization array in fetal tissues and genetic preimplantation screening -PGSare highly recommended as new diagnostic methods in RM. The former strategy is cost effective, time saving and risk reducing of new fetal loss. Identifying genetic disorders in fetal tissue would allow to categorize risk groups which could benefit from antithrombotic therapy.

Key words: recurrent miscarriage, preimplantation genetic screening, hematologic disorders.

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